Lake Troll Line

RIO Mainstream Clear Intermediate Fly LineClear Line FishWRodHeffley Smlr
My most versatile sinking fly line in lakes and ponds is the clear-finish RIO Mainstream Clear Intermediate.  A slow sink rate (1 – 2 ips) allows my flies to be fished in shallow water without them immediately sinking into the silt or vegetation.  This is particularly important when the wind is blowing and a floating fly line bellies as a result, creating a slack curve in the floating line.  Strikes will go undetected or missed because of the belly.  This clear intermediate sinks underneath the surface currents for a straight-line, direct contact with the flies.  Cast or troll it.  This is a must-have line for all successful lake fly anglers.  To purchase this line from Amazon CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE of the fly line below.

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My favorite go-to pair of searching patterns in stillwaters, which I will troll and/or cast on the Mastery Stillwater fly line, are a size 12 Bead Head Prince and #8 Midnight Bugger, with or without a bead.  I separate them by about 30″ on my leader.  The Bugger is on the dropper, with the Prince on the point.

Prince Bead Head Steelhead Fly AnglingMidnight Fire Bugger