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Steelhead Fly Angling, Guerilla Fly Rod Tactics by Michael Gorman

It took me 7 years (!) to catch my first steelhead by trial & error!  Steelhead Fly Angling, Guerilla Fly Cover Steelhead Fly AnglingRod Tactics can save you years and increase your catch rate immediately.  For the last 30+ years I have been a very successful steelhead fly fishing guide, with many satisfied clients fishing with me every year, some for more than 20 years.  Learn from my experience.
You will learn how to
*Read rivers to accurately locate likely steelhead hollding water
*Better understand steelhead behavior in various water conditions throughout the year.
*Select effective flies to catch, including my all-star listings which have accounted for thousands of steelhead for my clients and me.
*Effectively fish my all-star patterns, wet flies, dry flies, nymphs, and egg patterns
*Select effective fishing equipment specifically for steelhead.  Rod length and a high quality fly reel are imperative considerations.
*Construct an effective leader for all situations, especially important when nymphing for steelhead.  And, the best way to incorporate a dropper fly.
*A methodical approach to discover quality steelhead rivers, and the crucial seasonal timing peculiar to these rivers.
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“I’ve read dozens of books on fly-fishing for steelhead. Almost all of these spend significant time talking about the history and beauty of steelhead angling; countless pages on the evolution of the sport, the flies, the rivers, anglers, etc. Though I enjoy reading all of them, none of them illustrate how to actually go out and catch a steelhead on a fly, in as short of a time as possible. Michael Gorman’s “Steelhead Fly Angling: Guerilla Fly-Rod Tactics” does just that. Yes, the steelhead is the fish of a thousand (at least) casts, but Mr. Gorman’s book can really help you improve those odds. I consider reading many of these other classics similar to enjoying a fine French dinner; in contrast, “Steelhead Fly Angling: Guerilla Fly-Rod Tactics” is a juicy Big Mac. The book has tremendous photography throughout; this alone makes it worth its price. Mr. Gorman’s writing style, humorous anecdotes, and invaluable tips add to the value, making this one of my absolute favorite steelhead fly-fishing books.”
Jeff Hilden,

“Steelhead rivers have always been my escape and that is why I was drawn to a book called Steelhead Fly Angling. ‘To be successful in any endeavor — love, career, athletics and fishing — you had better have a good plan,’ writes Michael Gorman, guide and OSU instructor, in his book. Agreed. A novice steelheader needs to adopt a plan and mindset to find a system. In the first chapters, Gorman identifies the obstacles to success and shows the way through failure to a better understanding of oneself and an ocean-going rainbow trout.
Throughout 184 pages filled with full-color photographs in a large-format book, Gorman examines the nuances of wet-fly and dry-fly swinging for steelhead, as well as nymphing. He goes into deep water to examine our attitudes with tongue-in-cheek sections titled “Shame on You,” “Satan Created the Strike Indicator,” “Got Religion?” and “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”
If you are a fly-fisherman on a quest to catch your first steelhead on a fly, look for this title from Frank Amato Publications. This author, who I have never met, I consider a kindred spirit: somewhat of a steelhead snob with an attitude, a system and an outlook. He ends the book with a note on those he calls cowboys with frozen fingers and rain dripping down their necks.
Giddyup!”   Gary Lewis, The Bend Bulletin

Five Stars. “This was a gift and it was well liked by the fly fishing sportsman. Full of information and it makes for a wonderful gift.”  Margaret Lee, Amazon purchaser

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Barb Wilson Rogue River guided steelhead fly fishing

Barb Wilson Rogue River guided steelhead fly fishing

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